We seek to inspire individuals and organizations to join together and TAKE ACTION TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD AT PEACE that is Economically Stable, Environmentally Sustainable, and FULL of HOPE.

We seek to encourage and promote renewable energy and environmental solutions and through income derived from art, music and cultural projects, create socially responsible solutions that deliver environmental and economic prosperity and PEACE worldwide.

We offer to share a vision of a beautiful future, consciously creating and implementing an economic and environmental integrated action plan –


Here we are TODAY, the dawning of a NEW DAY. We are aligned in direction and purpose at the moment of creation. Coordination of these words: PARTICIPATORY ACTION plan at the DREAMMAKERS FOUNDATION OF MAUI. We see and agree on common vision, and action is taken BY US- INDIVIDUALLY COMING TOGETHER and SHARING IDEAS and CREATING ACTION PLANS AND THEN TAKING ACTION on many things that we can accomplish IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR, not the government.

Here’s the wonderful symbiotic part of this: It elevates the GOVERNMENT to accomplish its role: creating legislation and THEIR action to support positive community-mindedCO-OPERATION, as coordinated thru our integrated hub, MAMA & PAPA.

The TRANSFORMATION of this Maui Self-Sustainability Creation Model  IS TIMELY.

We are beginning a NEW feeling of UNITY on Maui. Visions of environmentally healthy, economically robust LIVES for ALL of Maui’s people, and adequate AFFORDABLE Rentals AND Homes AND, self-sustainability in our FOOD and WATER.

Technology has arrived at the doorstep. Ancient Local Custom and Wisdom can unite with potential integrated answers and desired outcomes to SOLVE ALL OF OUR PRESENT PROBLEMS here in these islands, starting with Maui County.  The integrated wealth and action HAVE THE POTENTIAL to actualize this vision EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE  right now. We HAVE ALL It Takes !

Our tourist industry can be supported and the local economy can thrive AT THE SAME TIME.

New governmental elections have brought a willing and sensitive group of women and men, both as Councilmembers AND Mayor, together to HELP US as private citizens to work together and flourish by their Regulatory Power and thereby expediting power to assist to fast-track needed OKs for ACTION and actual projects starting and completing ALONG WITH VERBAL SUPPORT so that potential advertising sponsors CAN SEE the Wisdom and economic sense to financially participate AND participating in ways they feel appropriate along the path towards our mutual agreed goal:  

SELF SUSTAINABILITY for the island, islands and the world thru being an example of HOPE because of CO-OPERATION and meaningful discussion “in the Neutral Zone”, where peace abides and wisdom comes through cooperation and love. 

Profits and individuality can be plentiful, both for the community and other leaders in their financial, promotional, and personal support, but also in their PERSONAL PLEDGE to BE a PART of this great future VISION FOR ALL… actualizing NOW.

Vision, desire and action all walk hand in hand.

When there is vision, we create what we see!

It is…NOW, not some future unreachable hope!

 Vision + Action = Dream Makers NOW. 


August 8, 2023 – WHAM !   Maui Wildfires. •.    Dream Maui — What’s YOUR part in the DreamMakers DreamMaui Matrix?


We Can Soar to New and Integrated Heights as A Way of Building Back Better…  with Aloha…   

May this website bring you hope, love & peace.


If we are to succeed in the mission of providing leadership in affecting possible solutions to the needs of this community, we, as individuals, must make our voices heard and our efforts felt.

We must get involved. (This means YOU.)

We can be the hub of an integrated arts council, encouraging supporters of the arts, as well as business interests all over the islands to Unite and Restore Paradise!

Yet, maui’s other organizations need not discontinue programs they offer, or lose their identities, as M.A.M.A.’s intent is to consolidate many “Splintered” interests under one cooperative banner.

Since government budgets are already pressed and fail to address OUR specific environmental needs, this island community needs OUR help.

Consider this: Art, Music, Shows, Product Sales, and Leisure Spending occur in “good times and bad times.” Many will buy a Painting, Poster, Activity Ride, Music CD, or Video before they will contribute to the funding of a playground or a recycling program.

It’s clear that we must re-evaluate our priorities and create a marriage of vision: ARTS, MUSIC, CULTURE, RENEWABLE ENERGY & ECO-TOURISM.

Then, if we will redirect some of the dollars generated by these combined efforts…to actualize environmental concerns… ALL benefit.

We have a perfect opportunity to do more than just talk, and the perfect reasons, knowing that Our Very SURVIVAL demands attention to these matters NOW… because Tomorrow is TOO LATE.

We say, “Let’s lead by example; LET’S GET INVOLVED !” Your Voice can be Strong. Your Voice can matter, just as a choir is formed from many little voices singing together in harmony. There is a great power in Unity. 

Let us Unite in a meaningful purpose and embrace a refreshing new direction.

Many Mauians may Know Jason Schwartz, for many many years; his MAUI HISTORY AT DREAMMAUI.COM can see links to Jason’s personal history and commitment to Maui..

PLEASE Share to Those who may see it anew – WORLDWIDE

This website in this moment express my YEARS of HOLDING THE VISION –

NOW is the time… Together : Everyone Achieves More…   TeamAloha@iCloud.com

If it is to be, it is US. WE are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

TeamAloha@iCloud.com is a place to direct correspondence  AND TEXT AT 808-874-5900 – economic education environmental self sustainable regenerating through a development plan with ART, MUSIC & Culture !!

DreamMakers Foundation of Maui is: MAMA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in April 1991 in Hawaii by Jason W. Schwartz.