Contact Us and we can arrange to show some of your work coordinated through this website’s SHOWCASE CAROUSELs/DIRECTORIEs that we are developing.

Right now, it’s the LINK under a Category. (Directory categories are developing as we accumulate artist/musician/culture/environment participants.


Send us a couple of useable pictures and a 100-200 word bio/copy


In our lives, we have seen that ART and MUSIC , in their  many forms, help people get in touch with emotions inside themselves that on the surface may be difficult to express in other ways.  Artists, Artisans and Musicians are strong opinion leaders in our society. People will follow and revere the ideas they express.  Any cause or concept are enhanced when opinions come from them.  We have seen repeatedly in life that if “Ms X or Mr. Y say it or express it, it holds more weight and uplifts the viewer to embrace an idea or look closer at it than they may without that influence. Isn’t that why celebrity endorsements on all kinds of products are so common?

We here at the DreamMakers Foundation appreciate this truth and want to offer an opportunity for artists and musicians a chance to align with our purpose not only as a Member, but also offer a location to showcase some of their work and help fund present and future programs of our organization by pledging a portion of their work’s “sale price” to the organization, like a broker commission.  Whether an artist is already established in the public eye (or would like to be), we offer this website and future links to their works, whether specific pieces or compositions or performances.

P.A.P.A., People Aligned in Positive Action, another name for our positive activities, are fueled by revenue and action from artists and musicians showcased through this website. As the world better understands our integrated collaborative efforts, they, too, will join us both as members AND participants in efforts to show the world our Integrated loving example.