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There will be many shows each month. Three NEW series in pre-production are: DreamMakers: M.A.M.A. Presents… live music and art performances plus interviews across a wide spectrum, AND Living Hawaiian Treasures, a series  of Hawaiian elders living today, that have a lot to share with the people of today… and tomorrow.


DreamMakers Foundation
Maui Arts & Music Association (MAMA)
and People Aligned in Positive Action (PAPA)

MAMA is a Federally chartered 501c3 non-profit organization, Created for the PURPOSE of Promoting Visual, Healing Culinary & Cultural arts, Music and the Culture of Aloha through its 1st division, MAMA. The Proceeds go into environmental projects including, but not limited to, a totally self-sustaining community and model in and/of Maui County, Hawaii, whose work is co-ordinated through our 2nd Division, PAPA.

By supporting this advertising media package, you are GIVING BACK
and Creating Many Jobs in
Education, Environment, Technology, Entertainment
… and more, both locally AND around the Globe.
As a model, successful duplication of our model elevates the discussion:
Save the Planet AND Enhance the Economy while WE DO IT !

You’re giving back to Hawaii as well as Protecting, preserving, and beautifying our islands and ELEVATING Our HAWAIIAN HOST CULTURE.
Jobs and Economic Self-sufficiency and Sustainability:
an Actual ECONOMIC ENGINE and the FUEL !


This is an ongoing job/industry event creation project. The blossoming of television production on Maui from a grass roots perspective, with local advertising sponsors/supporters, jobs are being created for local people, who otherwise have no outlet for these specialized learned talents. Employment is a critical issue in an island community, and this program stands at the forefront of a highly desirable public outcome from our productions.


We are looking for sponsors and advertisers for our many television shows/internet shows, (as well as advertising sponsors for a quarterly program guide AND insert booklet on CD/DVD project, NOT showing here. Available Upon Request) 

These are ongoing programs, and we intend on showing our supporters great value for their sponsorship. Monies collected from our supporters and sponsors will pay staff both in the studio and on event locations, and in so doing, you will be spreading and establishing a television industry here on Maui, JOBS, as well as creating more music and art promotion and positive leadership for our children.

Remember: whether you are a business or individual, 


Call us for any custom arrangements you may want.  (808) 874-5900

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