In the words I wrote in 1991 and 1993 and the words I speak today have been from my heart, assimilating elements around me to drive our mission statement, And please know this: I have been in Maui since 1988. Soon thereafter I met a now friend named  Lono, now known as Lono of Molokai. Our friendship grew on many levels. Music was the element where we initially aligned, and yet, as time has progressed, I have come to see that the ideas that I have about self sustainability and community and ohana have a native Hawaiian spiritual and cultural base. My ideas are in total alignment with the precepts of family and community and self sustainability that I have seen in the roots of traditional Hawaiian culture. I had spoken about us someday traveling as ambassadors of good will and the effective integration of Hawaiian and me, as non-Hawaiian as a beaming example of integration of a loving, supportive community cooperation to the world. Named MAMA and PAPA was not an accidental thing. As an Umbrella Organization, it can share its member organizations and individuals like diamonds on the water, like twinkles in the starlight, like updraft on the wings of an eagle.

We had spoken about twenty five years from then, being Ambassadors of Aloha, sharing our Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian ways and leading the way, the marriage of new vision with old wisdom. AMBASSADORS OF ALOHA through MAMA & PAPA.

It’s a natural progression that now three decades later the ideas that we put out in social and political realm thirty years ago are the same concepts as today. Aligned globally under a banner together will share the HAWAIIAN culture and people and concepts that some thoughtful social leaders and responsible cooperative community groups have been doing already and will raise global awareness of Maui and these Hawaiian islands as a model in action of self sustainabilty modeling- for families and groups, counties, state and national and internationally.

THIS IS a GLOBAL PLATFORM UNDER A UNIFIED BANNER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, proudly lead, by open alignment with our Hawaiian host culture.