SOIL REGENERATION PLANTS & POWER FROM GREEN WASTE- REGENISYS®-  By example, REGENITECH has something VERY SPECIAL, Michael Smith, Inventor and Designed of the system, who was on Maui Neutral Zone Show # 79,shared that integrated bio-processors consume waste heat and carbon carbon dioxide to produce renewable energy and organic soil amendments. Michael is a featured part of the acclaimed environmental movie “The Need to Grow”.  WAS GREEN POWER HOUSE, GPH.  Newest incarnation of the technology is the EARTH POWER LODGE, EPL. 

Systems are ideally designed for the production of methane, hydrogen and bio-oils that can be used as fuel for farm and industrial equipment or to generate electrical power.  The system produces no waste, and its byproducts are valuable high grade organic fertilizer and soil amendments. 

Michael’s next closed-loop innovation is based on Natural Intelligence. Natural Intelligence is rooted in the concept of biomimicry and unlike artificial intelligence it is focused on understanding natural solutions that already exist within the physical world that surrounds us.

At this time we would also like to introduce you to the REGENiTECH Fund, whose purpose is to assist farmers in their conversion from destructive chemical based agriculture to regenerative farming practices. 

REGENiTECH’s Natural Intelligence based Bioreactors are a set of building blocks that can be used to assemble systems capable of converting waste into powerful biological agents that support the regeneration of our precious natural resources.


REGENIGROW™, as a Bio-Stimulant, uses amino acids from the breakdown of the algae, including tryptophan, etc and auxins (plant growth hormones), that can save Days on Rooting, Impact Flowering, Fruiting, Volatile Oils and Nutrient uptake as well as decrease stressors on the plant !